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The beating heart of Iran

Esfahan is one of the most populated Iranian provinces which is located at the center of Iran and in the confluence of the north, south, west and east roads.

Some of its great monuments such as NAGHSHE JAHAN square, SI –O- SE POL and ….. Which is registered in UNESCO caused Esfahan to be recognized as a cultural capital of Islamic world.

Unique historical, cultural, industrial and academicals attractions and specifications makes Esfahan to be sister in law of many important cities in the world such as …….

More than 120 handicrafts  such as GHALAM ZANI,MONABAT KARI,ZARI BAFI,KHATAM KARI,MALILEH DOUZI,MINIATOR,SOFALGARI,GHALI BAFI,ABRISHAM BAFI,MINA KARI,GHALAM KARI , POOULAK DOUZI and ….., which are registered  by UNESCO has caused its  increasing attraction and has made it a center of tourism and is ranked third in Iran tourism ranking.

Major industries such as steels factory, refinery, petrochemical, stone and ceramic industry in addition to academicals, collegiate and medical centers caused Esfahan to become third populated city and the center of trader, industrialists and scientists of Iran.