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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

-Q: How can we get information of tenders, bids and calls held by Iranian Airports Company & Air Navigation (IAC) and those airports under IAC' supervision ?

-A: You can visit and receive all needed information on National Database of Tenders.

Q: In what way do we get access to airport's flight information?

A: By visiting its website, (http:/ or make a phone call 199.

Q: How long the loads via airmail is delivered and how?

A:  It is delivered after landing of related flight and transfer time to the load service unit, and  passengers' load  sent by conveyor belt is delivered after checking the tags.

Q: How is it possible to take a ticket at the airport's waiting list?

A: Passengers will need to refer to the waiting list office in the domestic terminal at least one hour and a half earlier than flight time.

Q: What shall one do in the case of cancellation of flight?

A: He/she must refer to the related airlines' traffic office located in domestic terminal to stamp/seal to cancel the ticket, then refer to the travel agency which the ticket has already been bought to withdraw the paid money.

Q: Is wireless Internet access available at the airport?

A: Free WiFi service isnot available in Isfahan airport's terminals.