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Esfahan international airport is one of the best equipped international airports in Iran which is constructed for the purpose of providing services to commercial and training flights .The airport's proximity to main industries & science centers has turned it in to one of the most crowded airports in Iran.

The importance of Esfahan city as the hub of tourism, industries and science centers has motivated governors to implement main projects for developing the airport. Airport's master plan and related charts has been prepared by ADPI Company. According to this plan the infrastructure of airport develops to provide services to reach 3.5 million passengers in the first phase and, 6 to 8 million for the next succeeding phases.

Esfahan international airport is one of the leading airports which obtain the QSM certificate from IMQ Company in 2010 and aerodrome certificate from C.A.O in 2011. at present , the airport is aiming to apply second phase of SMS.

The safety level of airport has attracted many foreign airlines such as fly Dubai, Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways , AL Iraqi etc. to choose Esfahan as their destinations, and other major airlines to apply   requests to establish flights to the airport.

Esfahan international airport has equipped with advanced and modern equipment's and facilities such as ILS&RVR while the radar service provided to all flights during day and night.

Movement surface, firefighting category refueling, terminal, ground facility &equipment such as TOW CAR, PUSH BACK caused to provide desirable services required for large aircraft such as B744 in the best manner.