Prohibited Objects Prohibited Objects

List of Prohibited Objects:

In order to observe the principles of safety and security (For safety and security regulations), there are some restrictions on taking carry-on items by the passengers into the airplane.

Carrying the following items by the passengers are generally prohibited into the airplanes:

  • Kinds of flammable, expensive and fast- burning materials.
  • Types of pressure cylinder and chemical sprays such as teargas, anesthetics, self-defense means, and LPG
  • Types of acidic and corrosive substances such as acid and vinegar and etc.

Entering the following items are prohibited into the airplane cabin:

  • Kinds of firearms including military or hunting weapons, and shotguns
  • Kinds of war, hunting and sport bullets.
  • Kinds of sharp or pointed objects such as carpet knife, bottle, glass, knife, dagger, scissors, nail clipper, surgical blade, brass knuckles, razor and similar objects.
  • Kinds of tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, hammer, wire cord, rope and etc.
  • Kinds of toy weapons that are very similar to real guns.