Isfahan airport is ready to welcome more than 6000 Mecca pilgrims
Hasan Amjadi mentioned pilgrims first flight to be on Mordad 12th (Aug 3rd) at 5:25 in the morning (local time) and told Public Relations: "By these flights, 6,344 pilgrims will travel to the Land of Revelation, 5,750 of which are from Isfahan Province and 390 from Chehar-Mahal & Bakhtyari Province in 44 caravans."

Stating that Isfahan airport is ready to provide the best service for the pilgrims, he added: "One of the effective measures is an SMS informative system with the number 1000100300 which informs the caravan managers of the latest news regarding pilgrims flights. 

The Director General in Isfahan Province Airports Administration further informed of establishing pilgrimage portal in Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti international airport website and said: "Caravan managers and other people can go to the address: and get the latest news relating Isfahan airport pilgrims operations and changes thereto. 

 About unaccompanied baggages operations and checking, Director General said: "The operation has been started by Mordad 11th (Aug 2nd) and caravans have been requested to hand over their baggages." 

Amjadi added: "Isfahan airport is trying its best to provide the best service to the the pilgrims of the Sacred House of God one of which is a Help Desk for the guidance and replying to the pilgrims questions. 

According to him, Isfahan airport ranks fourth in Haj pilgrimage traffic after Imam-Khomeini (r.a), Mashhad and Gorgan.


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