The last step for the expansion of Isfahan airport
As reported by Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations quoted by IMNA, Nahid Taj-addin said: "Noting to the vital role of the airport as one of the infrastructures of development especially in tourism sector, and also in order to meet safety standards, it was necessary to lift the restrictions on flights acceptance in the airports especially in Mehrabad and Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti airports, and this was only done by taking possession of the lands".

The Member of the Islamic Parliament added: "To achieve this goal, we worked for a year and luckily, on Tir this year, we made a multilateral agreement for lands around the airport; however, unfortunately, we got problem to pay the money".

He continued: "Studying around the subject, we got to know that exemption from taxes and payout will help the airports to overcome the problem; so we tried to provide an addendum to 1397 budget bill. We also proposed the exemption of that position of the Company asset transferred to the military forces".

Taj-addin said: "Fortunately, the proposal was accepted and it is a big step in developing Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti international airport".


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