Isfahan airport ready to welcome Norooz passengers
As reported by Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations, Hassan Amjadi described Isfahan airport readiness to welcome passengers in Norooz duration: "The required coordinations have been facilitated with airlines and handling attendants for exact planning of the flights in order to prevent delays and cancellings, and also responding to passengers in the case of possible delays and problems, and also they have been required to introduce their respondents for Norooz period."

About the airport beautification and Norooz-specific services to the passengers, he said: "Place setting of Haft-Sin in the terminals, holding ceremonies at New Year Delivery moment, commons beautification and flower work, water - view refinement in front of domestic terminal, SMS delivery to ready passengers at New Year Delivery moment, preparing games and entertainment areas for children, preparing Norooz - specific portal, delivering cultural packages, city maps, and brochures about places to visit (prepared by Isfahan Municipality and Tourism Organization) are some of the activities related to Norooz period". 

Amjadi continued: "We have made necessary arrangements with Guard Unit, Police Station, Customs and Passport Office in order for them to supply human resources necessary for good and timely service to the passengers in Norooz period. 

The Director General in Isfahan Province Airports Administration further added: "Recurring inspection of guesthouses for cleanliness, safety and technical matters, standardization of routing signs and erecting new ones in international terminal, setting and repairing cell phone chargers in terminals, preparing new uniforms for General Services staff, upgrading the domestic terminal announcement system, changing the domestic terminal conveyer belt, refinement of sidewalk and lightings of the airside, improving passages lightings, maintenance of airport electrical generators, relocating of the stores and establishing new ones, establishing passenger help counter, running the plan for multifunctional personnel to work in help counter (help desk), widening the airport entrance Boulevard, installing Public Announcement system, inspection and service of X-ray system, and signing a contract with Taxi Station for taxi supply in critical conditions are some of the programs for Norooz period."


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