Isfahan airport increase Norooz flights
As reported by Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations, about extra flights in Norooz period, Hassan Amjadi told Isfahan airport Public Relations: "The airport will serve 112 extra flights in Norooz period. From this amount, 84 flights are international towards Adana, Najaf, Teflis, and Dubai, and 28 ones are domestic towards Mashhad, Kish, and Ahwaz."
He also informed about utilization of the projects of airport Mosque Vali-Asr (aj) with the presence of Ayatollah Naseri (the great master of Ethics), constructing Guard new inspection gates, 12 new bathrooms in transit room and 13 new bathrooms in east side of General room, and also flower decoration and lighting of passages in north side of domestic terminal in order to prepare the airport for Norooz.

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