Power savings in Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti international airport
As reported by Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations, informing about power savings in Isfahan airport, Hassan Amjadi said: "We consumed 3.922.673.000 Rials by saving energy in the year 1396 in Isfahan airport."

He added: "Consumption management has been always emphasized by the authorities and in this regard, power saving was put on the agenda of Isfahan province airports administration. To reach this goal, we tried hard and now we can see the results."


He continued: "We also consumed %20 less water in the year 1396 comparing to the year 1395. The actions performed are separating drinking water and irrigation water, refinement of water network in order to prevent loss of water and so on."


About saving energy in other sectors, Amjadi said: "Compacted Natural Gas (CNG) was consumed %17 less in the year 1396 in the airport comparing to the year 1395 and power consumption showed %1 decrease even with an increase in public places. This has been achieved by installing Solar Water Heaters, using LED projectors, replacing ordinary lamps with LED ones,installing intelligent counters in order to reduce measurement error, installing double skin facades, etc."


In the end, the Director General in Isfahan Province Airports Administration stated: "The energy savings continued in the year 1397 and I hereby appreciate all the airport personnel."


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