More than 6500 pilgrims travel to the Land of Revelation
As reported by Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations, the coordination meeting for 1397 Haj Pilgrimage was held in Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti international airport on Wednesday 1397/4/20 (2018/7/11) with the presence of Isfahan Haj and Pilgrimage Manager, the Province Representative of the Leader Be'tha, and other institutions representatives involved in Haj Operations.

On the sidelines of the meeting, the Director General in Isfahan Province Airports Administration, Hassan Amjadi told ISNA: "Haj flights will start on 1397/5/8 (2018/7/20) and end up on 1397/5/19 (2018/8/10), during the period of which 6,594 passengers in 45 caravans will travel to the Land of Revelation."

He continued: "The Pilgrims are from Isfahan and Chehar-Mahal & Bakhtyari Provinces and also one caravan from Yazd Province, which are 6003 pilgrims from Isfahan Province in 41 caravans, 451 pilgrims from Chehar-Mahal & Bakhtyari Province in 3 Caravans, and 140 pilgrims from Yazd Province in one Caravan. The arrival operation will be on 1397/6/8 (2018/8/30)."

The Director General in Isfahan Province Airports Administration further informed: "Isfahan airport ranks third in number of Haj flights after Imam-Khomeini and Mashhad airports, and shows a %3 growth compared to the previous year."

In the end, he added: "Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti international airport is planning and programming to get ready for the best service to the Pilgrims."


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