Airplanes parking extension project starts in Isfahan Shahid-Beheshti international airport
As reported by Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations, about parking extension project, Hassan Amjadi said: "Isfahan airport parking extension project started after primary studies and bidding process."

He added: "One of Isfahan airport restrictions is airplane parking lot shortage, and according to Isfahan airport improvement programs and regarding the fact that Isfahan airport is an alternative airport for airports of the Capital, airplanes parking extension took priority for Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company."


Hassan Amjadi continued: "With the assistance of Iran Airports And Air Navigation Company Board of Directors and CEO, the project studies took place last year and bidding process happened at the end of 1396."


He stated: "The project contract costs 232,300,000,000 Rials and it lasts 18 months at the end of which the parking capacity increases to 23 parking positions (from present 10 parking positions) and it will be another step in the airport framework improvement and providing better service."


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