Haj Pilgrims departure operation ends
At the end of Haj Pilgrims departure operation, Hassan Amjadi told Isfahan Province Airports Administration Public Relations: "Outgoing flights started from Mordad 8th 1397 (Jul 30th 2018) and ended up by Mordad 20th 1397 (Aug 11th 2018) during which 27 flights departed from Isfahan airport, 8 flights to Medina and 19 to Jiddah.

He stated: "During the operation, 6,618 passengers travelled to the Land of Revelation, 5,785 pilgrims from Isfahan Province, 452 from Chehar-Mahal & Bakhtyari Province, and 140 from Yazd Province in 45 caravans; also 241 pilgrims were service personnel and the last flight departed Isfahan airport at 01:50."


Expressing satisfaction about pilgrims departure operation, he added: "Regardless of some flights delays due to technical problems, as it was planned previously, all related parties such as Airport Police, Passport, Airport Guard Unit, Customs, Iran Air Airlines, Haj and Pilgrimage Organization, Airport Emergency, Frontier Health, Terminal Cargo Operator, Isfahan Province Airports Administration personnel etc. tried their best to serve pilgrims of the Land of Revelation and I hereby appreciate them."


In the end, the Director General in Isfahan Province Airports Administration said: "From now on, we are going to plan the return operation of Haj pilgrims and to prepare required facilities for dear welcomers."


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