Providing air traffic service to more than 46000 flights over the past years at Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport
Despite the complexity of traffic within IsfahanTMA, and the presence of numerous airports and various areas of precaution in this space, Isfahan airport's controllers have been provided flight operations to more than 46,000 flights in complete safety last year.

In an interview on the occasion of the "International Day of air traffic controllers" with Public Relations at Isfahan airport, Director General of Isfahan province's airports in the fields of the intricacies, sensivities and advancements of the air traffic area of ​​Isfahan airport said:  In the spite of having been in the center of the country and having been  in conjunction with twelve international and domestic air routes  which located over the  jurisdiction of this airport, Isfahan airport has been selected as  a precaution airport to all flights of Mehrabad and Imam Khomeini airports and to more than 60% of flights that operate within FIR of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Certain Tehran and other 10 provinces according to division made by Ministry of interior, under the coordinating of the airport personnel especially air traffic controllers, preparation to accept those flights in unexpected conditions have always been kept.


 He continued: Air traffic control at Isfahan airport due to the presence of several airports in its controlled area, including Shahid Babaee Airfield, Badr Airport, Hesa, Kashan, Shaheed Vatanpour Station and Shahrekord airport in the TMA area of ​​this airport has got high complexity and addition to it, the number of precautionary and hazardous areas in the controlled area in this space has increased the sensitivity and accuracy of traffic management at Isfahan airport.  Nevertheless, we observed  the arrival and departure of 46164 civil, training and military flights  last year and during this period despite the variety and complexity of the area, there has been no risk of  flight proximity or CFIT (control flight into terrain) by the controller. All these have been made under the  committed efforts of air traffic controllers. These efforts and commitment of the staff of the air traffic control office in Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport are worthy of recognition.


In order to enhance more safety of flights and speed up the services, he added that several assessment have been taken in this area.  These include the reconstruction of the tower cabin and modernization of air traffic control tower systems, the establishment and operation of an electronic flight plan system, equipping the tower to the digital automatic terminal information system (D-ATIS)in broadcasting the airport and meteorological information, the program management and setting out a timetable  for the operation of the military flights in the training areas, reconsideration and optimization of traffic instructions and new Approach Charts to improving the space structure under the supervision of Isfahan's Approach Radar control and promoting the  acceptance of air traffic capacity and improving the airport safety coefficient according to the ICAO standards.


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