CNS equipment of Isfahan Airport is in accordance with the latest standards of the day in the world
Despite the economic sanction against our country and based on the ability of domestic experts, Isfahan airport is prepared to provide air navigation service to all flights regarding the international standards.

  In an interview on the occasion of the "International Day of Air Electronic Experts" with Isfahan airport Public Relations, on the actions taken to equip the CNS system in Isfahan airport in order to promote flight safety,  Director General of airports in Isfahan province said: " Considering the sanctions against our beloved country, Iran, over the past years, using the opportunity creating after the deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action), Iranian Airports and air Navigation Company had a  foresight to get and to equip the majority of CNS equipment by purchasing  the most up-to-date  system available in the word. 

  Currently,  Shahid Beheshti international airport, in terms of the latest international standards, is prepared the capability of providing air navigation service  to all passenger, military, educational and civil flights.

He continued : "Including the actions taken during last year, was the purchasing , installing and launching of 4200 series R&S transmitter and  receivers related to the SITTI switching system and  the RCAG system of the country, which by renewal  these equipment,  air communication between the pilots and the controllers in terms of quality and coverage has been improved as well as the  implementation  of ASBU aeronautical  modules  aviation developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

He added that " purchasing and installation of the most advanced aeronautical communication recording system with the capacity of more than 100 channels, transfer of RCAG system into the airport, updating its receivers and transmitters, installing of digital ATIS(Automatic Terminal Information system) locally made by the experts, providing  Sepura  Wireless system, cabling all CNS sites with optical fiber to enhance safety and accuracy of data sent from other measures that have been last year taken by electronic experts to upgrade CNS system.

In the radar section, by performing regular maintenance services, the provision of the back-up systems, the  installation of software patches, repairing of TR2000  and power of PSR in radar service, are provided for continuous air traffic control service.


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