Improving the level of knowledge and coordination, in the field of airport Search and Rescue Operation.
For the first time in the IAC (Iran Aiport and Air Navigation Company), an incident &accident course consists of Search and Rescue, held for representative of the (RCC / RSC) of the central and sub-center of the airport's search and rescue at Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport .

According to the Public Relations Department of Isfahan Airport, in the opening ceremony of this(RCC/RSC) course, Hasan Amjadi, Director General of Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport, said: "It is very important to upgrade skills in the field of airport’s Search & Rescue and because of  the presence of Isfahan airport in the center of the country and at the confluence of  twelve domestic and  international ATC routes from the controlled area, it is on the main aviation transit route, which considers this airport as one of the sub-centers of the airport's search and rescue of Iran's Airport and Air Navigation Company.

In the following,Mr. Faramarzpour, head of the inspection office in Air Traffic Control Directorate's Office, on the importance and issues raised during this course commented that: "Search and rescue operation have been developing since 1357, and in this period, by studying this developing plan, we will take into consider the approaches, challenges and limitations available, and in the field of the search and rescue plan, the data analysis method, Equations of effectiveness and efficiency of search and design of the search program for improving the level of knowledge and coordination between the centers, and finally, a real scenario will be reviewed as a case study.

It should be noted that the incident  and accident  investigation course is performing  with the presence of the representatives of Area Control Center of Iran’s FIR as the main center and  eight selected airports as sub-centers of Search and Rescue operation such as:  Tabriz, Bushehr, Mashhad, Kermanshah, Kerman, Bandar Abbas, Zahedan and Isfahan. During this course, 26 representatives of search and rescue, along with 15 of operation’s team supervisor and airport’s deputy of Isfahan airport, were participated, This course was taught by Mr. Faramarzpour as a course instructor for 24- hour training course,


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