Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport will enter the World Ranking in the second quarter 2019.
Based on a preliminary assessment carried out in March 2012 and some other hardware messures taken recently, it was put a stamp of conformation on Isfahan airport in readiness for participating in World Ranking of ICA's International Organization.

According to the Public Relations Department of Isfahan Airport, during the visit from Isfahan Shahid Beheshti airport's terminals, Mr. Bagheri, Project Manager of the Airport Air Quality Service(ASQ), in addition of expressing satisfaction with the messures taken in the area of promoting ASQ in Isfahan international airpor,he announced the plans for participating in World Ranking in the second quarter 2019.

In a meeting on the sidelines of the visit with the Director General of lsfahan province's airports and ASQ team, the results of improving the quality of services as well as the measures taken in this field were reviewed and the necessary points for participation in the World Ranking were deliberately discussed.

It should be noted that the Airport Services Plan has started at Isfahan airport since 2015. Contemporary with other international airports of the country, since 2016, by forming an itegerated team and laying the groundwork in this area, measures have been accelerated in this field.Therefore much of the actions in the area of improving airport services and airport quality  have done based on ASQ instructions. On this basis, Iran's Airports and Air Navigation Company  decided to select  Isfahan airport to be entered the World Ranking of ACI's Internatinal Organization  as the third airport in the country after Mashhad and Mehrabad airports.


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