Compiling a strategic document for air traffic accidents occuring outside the Isfahan airport.
A strategic document is compiling for air traffic accidents which occure outside of Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport .

According to Public Relations Department of Isfahan Airport, the strategic plan for Search and Rescue operation and task description of organizations and partner's organs in the operation of rescue and rescue team of air accidents outside the airport-controlled areas were reviewed in a sub-committe of airtransport of Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport with the presence of  the representatives from General Directorate of the Governance Crisis Management,Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, the Red Crescent Society  , Isfahan Emergency Medical Center, Fire Fighting and Safety organization, Shahid Babaei Air Base, Aircraft Refueling Unit,Behesht-e Rezvan Cemetry and other organs based in Isfahan airport.

During this meeting, the Strategic document of air traffic accidents which occure outside the airport and the description of the duties of the organs and organizations assisstingsearch and rescue operation, which was compiled by Airport  Standard Bureau in Isfahan airport, were examined and the procedure for its completion and implementation was approved by the audience of the meeting.


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