Necessity for further development of Isfahan Airport / Opening of International Terminal of the Airport by the end of this year
The Chairman and managing director of IAC, in operating and visiting ongoing projects at Isfahan Airport, emphasized the development of the airport in the light of the economic and social conditions of the province.

Siavash Amirmakri, during the inauguration of three airport projects and visits to various departments, as well as in-progress projects at Isfahan airport, in a conversation with the public relations of IAC stated: “Apron and international terminal development are in-progress projects in the airport which are expected to be operational by the end of this year and will see a doubling of passengers and airplane capacity.

Managing Director of IAC, pointing out that the CIP of Isfahan airport is operational today, said: “Due to the existing demands and conditions of Isfahan city, airport should be developed. The development of the airside section of the airport is in progress and we are building an international terminal as well”.

He expressed his satisfaction with the co-operation of the cohesive team at Isfahan airport and hoped to improve the level of service and safety at the airport.

It is worth mentioning that the opening of CIP project, wastewater refinery project with daily capacity of 630 m3 with a budget of 63 billion Rials, a fire station fitness saloon and new generators of emergency power supply with a budget of 17 billion Rials, as well as a visit to the training center and air services, aerodrome control tower and technical block, international terminal expansion project with 125 billion Rials with 70% advancement, security building and Video Surveillance Center (CCTV), apron development with 240 billion Rials budget with 40% progress, and second powerhouse with 90% progress as well as attending the administrational meeting with the families of the martyrs Salmani, Shojai and Tavakoli were the programs of Mr. Amirmkri’s one day trip to Isfahan.

It must be reminded that Mr. Amirmokri was accompanied by Mr. Esfandiari director of airport operations, Izadbin, Firouzi Pour, director general of security, Momeni Rokh, consultant, and Farahbad managing director’s consultant in sacrifice affairs.


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