Change of number of Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International airport runway from 26/08 to 25/07
Isfahan airports director General announced change of number of Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International airport runway from 26/08 to 25/07 from September 21st

According to the public relations department of Isfahan airports, Hassan Amjadi said that the change in the magnetic angle of the airport was due to the change in the angle due to the deviation of the Earth over the past years, which has caused a change in the number of airport runway numbers from 26/08 to 25/07. This is the first time that such this change is applied in the history of the country's aviation industry.

Isfahan airports director general on the importance of the changes said: “Navigation in air navigation is based on the magnetic angle used by aircraft avionics equipment and received signals from the navigation equipment of ground stations and direct landing calculations. It is also done accordingly”.

He added: “Over time and with the change in angle due to the earth's deflection, although the true angles have not changed, the magnetic angle has changed relative to the earth's axis and this has led to a change in airport runways direction and accordingly, in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and in order to increase the safety of flights, a runway number change in Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International airport was planned”.

Amjadi said: “Some of the most important actions taken in this regard by Isfahan airports administration are  planning and implementing changes in flight plans and changing the signs and markings of runways, holding numerous meetings with the active units in relation to flight operations at the airport, developing procedures for safety risk assessment and change management, providing comprehensive information to all organizations operating in the province, and providing relevant training to different personnel from different parts of the airport to be familiar with the new conditions and coordination with the subdivisions at the IAC”.

He finally thanked to all of the managers and experts of department of air traffic control unit, airport facilities and equipment unit, airport development unit, communication and air navigation unit, flight check unit and also the Isfahan airports administration.

 It must be notes that airport information in relation to the runway number change in Isfahan airport is available in AIP September 12, 2019 edition in IAC website; AIP.AIRPORT.IR


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