Senior officials of Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company visit Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport
Hossein Esfandiari, member of the board of directors and leader of airport operations, and Saeed Akbari, member of the board of directors and leader of aviation operations, while visiting the projects of Shahid Beheshti International Airport in Isfahan, emphasized on accelerating the completion of projects at this airport for operation on time.

According to the report of Isfahan airport public relations, during a joint visit that the members of the Board of Directors of Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company and the accompanying delegation had on the progress of ongoing projects, Esfandiari, a member of the Board of Directors and Chief Operating Officer, while expressing satisfaction with the favorable progress of Isfahan airport development projects and appreciating all those who played a significant role in carrying out these projects, asked for speeding up the work to complete the projects on time.

During this visit, Saeed Akbari, a member of the board of directors and the director of aviation operations of the company, the deputy director of airport operations, director general of civil engineering and development of airports accompanied Esfandiari.  Amjadi, general manager of Isfahan airports, contractor and project consultant presented a full report about the last steps taken to complete the mentioned projects.

Aircraft parking development project to increase the position of the aircraft parking positions with 98% progress, international terminal development project from 6,000 square meters to 15,000 square meters with 99% progress and the construction project of international terminal power plant with 99.5% progress are being completed.



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