Promoting non-aviation revenues is today's main topic of Iran Airports
The General Director of Commerce and Investment of Iran Air Navigation Airports Company, on the sidelines of his visit to Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport, stated that the main goal of this trip is to increase the non-aviation revenues of this airport

. Nasser Aghaei, General Manager of the Commercial and Investment Office of Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company, in an interview with the Public Relations Department of the General Admnistration of Airports of Isfahan Province, said that the purpose of his one-day trip to Isfahan was to visit different parts of the airport, including domestic and international terminals, commercial important person(CIP) loung, and air cargo terminal to plan for the improvement of commercial spaces in the airport's passenger terminals and their greater compliance with the needs of passengers and clients.

He stated that the promotion of non-aviation revenues is one of the main issues in Iran Airports and Air Navigation Company today, adding that improving the layout of commercial booths in Isfahan airport's passenger terminals can play an important role in achieving this matter. We hope that with the cooperation and assistance of the Commercial and Investment Office of the Iranian Airports Company and the General Administration of Airports of Isfahan Province, by making new changes in the layout of the commercial booths of this airport, we can see the level of services to passengers and clients and also increase revenue significantly.

While visiting Isfahan international passenger's terminal, he called this terminal as one of the most beautiful and prestigious international one, among the country's airports and expressed hope that with the eradication of the Corona virus in the world, we can see the new growth of the airport's incomes.  


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