The beginning of the field monitoring steps of the horizontal and vertical movements of the earth's layers and investigation of possible subsidence
The Director General of the province's airports announced the beginning of the monitoring and studies of possible subsidence and investigation of horizontal and vertical movements of the earth's layers for the first time in the country's airports at Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport.

Hassan Amjadi, in this regard, said: "These studies will begin in June this year and will last for one year and according to the agreement between the General Administration of Airports and the General Administration of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Isfahan, five dual-channel GPS stations by The General Administration of Geology of the province has been prepared and installed within the airport, and the experts of the General Administration of Geology in 7 to 10 days per month to read and record the information received from the GPS stations.

Amjadi added: "According to the announcement of the mentioned organization, at the end of the first 6 months, initial reports will be collected and at the end of one year, by using data obtained from GPS stations, the final report on landslides and possible subsidence will be prepared scientifically ".

In the end, he pointed out: the results of these reports can play an important role in making effective and timely decisions and strategies in order to maintaining and promoting safety in airport operations.


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