No effect of subsidence phenomenon on Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport
In response to a question from a reporter of Isfahan Central Radio and Television News Agency, the General Director of Isfahan Province's Airports, provided explanations regarding the news published in social media about the destructive effect of the subsidence phenomenon on Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport

He  said:  The issue of subsidence in some parts of the Isfahan-Borkhar plain due to the reduction of its aquifer which has been seriously raised in recent years and the dimensions of its possible impact upon Isfahan airport, General Administration of Isfahan Airports, in coordination with related executive agencies, has been made a contract  with competent consulting engineers, and the issue  has been observed by performing control measures such as installing accelerometers, phased installation of dual frequency GPS devices, digging the second piezometric well, execution Geotechnical study boreholes, scanning of manoeuvring area  with GPRS, aerial mapping, etc.Also preliminary studies indicate that the phenomenon of subsidence does not affect the runways and other infrastructure of Isfahan Airport, so that based on studies no cracks related to the subsidence have been seen in the airport structures, and cracks related to the leaching of gypsum soil on the airport grounds have been observed, and corrective measures have according to the consultant been taken to prevent the infiltration of surface water which could lead to the expansion of cracks. The issues such as subsidence of runways, tilting the structure of flight control tower or the unsafe residential houses and their evacuation at Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport are not true at all.

He added: "Currently, Isfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport as the main entrance gate to the province is serving passengers as well as domestic and foreign tourists with complete safety and without any worries."

In the end, Amjadi, pointed out: According to the experts, feeding the aquifer of Isfahan-Borkhar plain can reduce the destructive effects of subsidence on the region and keep the province's infrastructure and will make Isfahan airport structure much more stable.


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