Isfahan Governor's Deputy for Economic Affairs Coordination visited the Air Cargo Terminal of Shahid Beheshti Airport
Deputy Governor for Economic Affairs of Isfahan, Amir Reza Naghsh, visited different sections of the air cargo terminal of Shahid Beheshti International Airport on Saturday, the December 11th .

During this visit, the Director General of Isfahan Province Airports, Hassan Amjadi,  Presented a report on the measures taken to complete and operate the air cargo terminal of this airport, as well as the unique facilities and capabilities of the terminal in the field of export of non-oil products.

The officials of the airport air cargo terminal, while presenting the export statistics of this terminal in recent years, requested for more support for air cargo exports in Isfahan province, and in this regard, presented their views and proposed solutions.

In the end, the Deputy Governor of Isfahan, while appreciating the measures taken to operate the air cargo terminal of Shahid Beheshti Airport, said that the export market share of non-oil products in the province through cargo can be increased and a favorable instructions issued to follow up on suggested issues raised in air exports from this terminal as well as in the Export Development Working Group of Isfahan Province.


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